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Course image The Mock Test

This course is meant to provide a sample question paper for candidates to get an idea of the actual test. The level of difficulty or easiness of the actual test will be same as the mock test here. Only the questions will be different. This test does not dilutes the actual test. The process of taking the test also remains the same.

Course image The Bench
It is recommended that you go through the Mock Test to get an idea of the test and its requirements.
Course image The Monastry Gate
To take the Full Stack Perl Developer Test you need to have an enrollment KEY.
Course image Perl for Web backend Development

This course is for people who have programming aptitude and would want to gain the ability to develop useful software solutions
for solving reallife business or research problems. It is modern in nature and will introduce the methodologies of software
application development that is prevalent in today's times.  It will cover broad areas like computing , web technologies , databases
, programming language (Modern Perl) , API development , messaging, cloud technologies ,  devops (introductory) , etc.

By doing and completing this course a qualified person will become self sufficient in developing backend for any data or process handling.

What this course will Teach You:

This course is mainly a Backend Course

1. How to program software using one particular language (Perl).
2. How to interact with databases for building Database applications.
3. How Web/Internet works and how is front-end , backend and various application connected.
4. How to create REST APIs for frontend applications like mobile Apps or Single Page applications.
5. About cloud technologies and Dev-Ops.
6. How to build backend for very high traffic websites.

What this course will NOT Teach You

1. It is not a course on UI Development , it will not teach you   Javascript , HTML or CSS .
2. It will not teach you JS frameworks like React/Vue/Angular etc